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life coach

life coach

What is life coaching?
My coaching aims to enhance the quality of life and performance of my clients.
As a professionally trained life coach, my practice is underpinned and informed by established psychological theory and robust scientific research. The philosophical roots of life coaching lie in the discipline of positive psychology. I concur with the belief that everyone has the potential for growth and that each of us possess an innate drive to engage with the unknown in pursuit of meaning and fulfilment.
What can you expect?
I am a solution focused and results orientated coach. Using my skill and knowledge, my role is to support and encourage you.
Our time together will foster and enable change. You will clarify and set goals that align to your values and personal interests. You will build the skills you need to succeed and you will harness your personal drive and determination to achieve your goals. Coaching will fortify your resilience, supporting you to respond to obstacles and setbacks in ways that won’t jeopardize your ultimate success.


By focusing on my clients’ development, believing in them and by raising awareness and self-belief, my intention is to serve you in ways that promote positive, long-lasting and transformational change.

What can I help you with?

A few examples of lifes coachable moments...........whats yours?

When Life Feels Stuck

Sometimes, life can feel as if it has led us down a dead end street, or that we have set sail intending to arrive at one destination only to find ourselves blown off course and beached up somewhere else. It’s at times like these our confidence and self-esteem can take a battering and our resilience and our motivation can be low.

If you are committed to turning things around coaching is ideally placed to helping you get back on track and to staying there.

Transitioning into a New Stage of Life

Whether you are winding down a career and moving into retirement or have just left school and are unsure of your next move, any transition poses a unique set of challenges and lots of new possibilities.

Coaching can help you come to terms with the endings that naturally accompany new beginnings as well as assisting your exploration of the opportunities ahead.

Getting the Most out of Working Life

Do you dream of running your own business or changing direction in your career? Are you wanting a better work/life balance or to be your own boss? Our work together in coaching will help you evaluate the possibilities, decide on a course of action and boost your courage, confidence and motivation as you persue your dreams.

Improving your Health

Through coaching, I can help you focus on your health and wellbeing goals and the challenge of exchanging unhealthy habits and behaviours for ones that will improve and sustain optimum health.

Whether you want to loose weight, improve overall fitness or give up smoking, or recover well from a recent illness or operation, you will find coaching time an invaluable support that will improve your chances of making long lasting health improvements.

Recovering after Divorce and Break-ups

Coaching can give you the practical and emotional support you need to go through and grow through a break-up or divorce.

As well as the trauma that accompanies the breakdown of a significant relationship, the ending also presents new opportunities to re-evaluate and redesign your life. Through coaching, I can help you explore who you are and what is important to you so that you can move positively confidently, calmly and purposefully into a new future on your terms.

Growing through Parenthood

Often parenting is described as a rewarding role and yet our personal fortitude can be severely put to the test while raising kids.

 Coaching can help you draw upon the strengths of your individual parenting style and to build practical strategies and skills so that you feel more confident to deal with complexities of parenthood.


Clare has worked just as hard as I have on the issues I have identified and I have always felt supported and constructively challenged by her in a way that has enabled me not just to face some of my demons but actually to start affecting meaningful change.
I have had significant and unexpected personal trauma recently which could well have knocked our coaching relationship off kilter, but by being open to suggestions and being willing to work at my pace we have continued to strengthen our relationship and build upon the sound base we established for the start.

I cannot recommend Clare highly enough. She will make you work, but never in a way that you feel is not moving you towards achieving the goals that you have set yourself.

“Clare has a very great talent for encouraging people to achieve their goals. I am very grateful to Clare for motivating me to work towards achieving my goals and following my passion. She has a very strong positive influence and I would recommend her to anyone.


Clares desire to serve others together with an insatiable appetite for learning make her a natural and engaging coach. She is currently based on the Surrey Hampshire boarder where she lives with her partner, Jonathan. Between them they have five children. She also loves her dog, Wisden and the occasional cream cake.

Clare has made her home in both the UK and Switzerland and returned to studies after children, reading psychology and counseling at universities in London and Geneva. Her research interests have centered on the construction of self-identity through discourse, taking her to Bosnia Herzegovina where survivors of the genocide in Srebrenica 1995, participated in her research. Her current research focuses on self-identity and its relation to motivation and resilience in coaching clients.

Clare holds a coaching diploma awarded by the Counseling and Psychotherapy Certification and Accreditation Body, (CPCAB); She enjoys working with people from all walks of life; all ages, stages, backgrounds, genders and abilities.

She is a founding member of the WHA, a student led, non-profit organisation, based in Switzerland, committed to raising awareness of world wide social injustice. She is also a director of web-based company providing business legal documents to lawyers, entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK.

In her spare time, you will find her on the golf course or with her nose in a good book.


To find out more or to request a consultation please message me here, email or call. I look forward to talking to you.